Gray Is One of the Floral Industry’s New “It” Colors

crystal-grey-winter-weddingThe trending colors for flower arrangements used in weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions changes from year to year. It can even change several times in the year, and many of these changes are governed by the shifting moods of the populace. What we are seeing in the floral industry now is a shift toward more muted and safer colors. At the same time, people want some complexity to their floral arrangements, and gray provides that for them.

The muted colors are a big change from previous years where bright and bold colors were in. In an unstable world people are looking for some stability and fewer surprises, and the muted tones give them that. Gray takes that a step further, with the ultimate muted tone, but while some may find it a boring color, it is perfect for adding layers to an already attractive floral arrangement. It might stick out in a bold color palette, but since many weddings and other special events are opting for quieter color, gray can add some further serenity and layered visual significance to the arrangements.

Many times, when consumers are looking for a florist in Greenville, SC, they already have some ideas for colors and arrangements picked out. Gray may not be at the top of their list, but when they see the arrangements that florists like florist in greenville sc offer them with gray as a part of the design, they are often instantly attracted to the look.

Gray provides nuance and soft undertones that are appealing to people who want something grown up and mature about their arrangements. They want to feel like the flowers they have chosen have a deeper meaning, and the way gray sticks out from other colors allows them to do that. It’s not overpowering in most modern arrangements, and the touches of gray are subtle ones. That tends to work well, as too much gray can create a somber tone that’s not usually what the customers are going for.

It’s quite likely that gray will continue to be an “it” color for a while, until people get tired of it or their moods and tastes change once more back to bold and bright. But as long as muted tones are the look of the day, gray will continue to be an important tool in the florist’s color arsenal.